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"Everyone in our office has been to Connections.  Some have gone just for relaxation, and some have gone for pain relief ... If you want pain relief or to just work out the everyday kinks that we all get, this is the place!"

— The Doctors and Staff at
Methodist Plaza Dental Group

Gordon Gymer has been a part of my health care team for over 20 years. I see him on an, as needed, bases and I know that whatever is sore, hurting or stressed in my body will be alleviated by his therapy. His clients get a massage, not a rubdown. I recommend Gordon often because of his skill and understanding of the human body. This is why he is part of my health team.

— Bob Barnes

Hello, I'm 65 years, a carpenter from birth, seems like. I have been going to chiropractors since I was 13. I have tried acupuncture, ice packs, heat packs, pain pills, shots in my spine, and Tequila. I found Gordon about three years ago. I walked into his office stooped over from low back pain that went all through my body. I had tears flowing down my face from the pain. Gordon worked his magic on me for one and a half hours. I walked out of his office standing straight and tall, no pain, I went home and went to sleep pain free for the first time in years.

You will feel so much better after seeing Gordon that you will think that your cured for life. You are if you stay on a regular visit to him.

Try Gordon just once and you will be a believer. Gordon can't fix everything, I still use Tequila a little bit, but not for pain.

— Burt R. Dobbins



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New to Massage?

So maybe you have never had a massage before, but you are wanting to try it out.. Just learning about the power of massage will definitely leaving you wanting to give it a try!massage benefits iowa, massage benefits des moines

Massage is good for the mind, body, and soul. The benefits of massage are long lasting and really can affect your overall health and lifestyle. What is key is figuring out what the best type of massage is for you. Talk to your therapist and learn a little bit about the different types of massage available: Resistive Stretching, Bowen Therap, Medical Massage, Deep Tissure Work, and more. Some types of massage are more for medical purposes or to help with a specific problem. Other types of massage are for relaxing and reducing stress.

The purpose of massage is to encourage relaxation and reduce stress, lessen muscle pain, and help with certain ailments. If you choose to try massage, you might find that with repeated visits, your overall health with improve, and it can help restore balance in your life.

Massage Benefits in Iowa

While even one session and help, repeated visits are proven to provide more longstanding results. Not to mention it feels great and can be extremely relaxing. Did you know that with continued massage sessions you might see these types of results:

  • Improved Heart Rate
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Relaxed Muscles
  • Overall Better Feeling of Wellness
  • Improved Digestion
  • Better Mobility
  • Increased Energy

So contact Connections Massage Therapy today to get started. Find out how we can make a personalized plan and start you on the road to a more stress free, healthy life. Call today!


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