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"I began going to Connections ten years ago. After trying other massage therapists off and on, I realized that none of them even come close to providing the type of extensive, knowledgeable service as Lois and Gordon ... I have always been able to walk out of Connections feeling better than when I went in."

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Massage Altoona Iowa

Life in and around the Altoona Iowa area can be fun but also very busy.Massage Altoona Iowa, Connections Massage Therapy Whether you have muscle pain or tension from either work, play, or an injury, Connections Massage Therapy has the massage therapists and treatments to help.  We are your massage Altoona Iowa  massage therapy experts.

Massage therapy relaxes muscles, which in turn, eases stiffness and pain. It restores balance to our body keeping it ready for whatever life brings our way. Day-to-day lives can find us moving or sitting in certain ways that causes irritation in our muscles. Massage therapy can relieve the tension and stress in these muscles. You will sleep better, eat better, and your overall mood will improve.

If you find yourself with muscles that are tense, tight, or painful, we offer several methods of message to fit your needs. Our reflexology massage therapy uses various touch techniques on specific points of the feet, hands, or ears to restore energy throughout the body. It improves blood supply to the affected area and releases restricted energy flow.

The  trigger point therapy is fingertip or thumb pressure that puts pressure directly into a tight or sensitive area. A trigger point are spots in the muscle that are associated with palpable nodules in tight bands of muscle fibers. These trigger points can produce referral pain in other parts of the body. Trigger point therapy is designed to alleviate the source of the pain by putting pressure on this source and releasing the nodules.

Deep tissue massage is focused on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. It is effective in treating chronic pain, adhesions, whiplash, sciatica and much more. This type of therapy uses a slower movement and the pressure is deeper. It focuses on a specific area of pain or injury. Deep tissue massage therapy is beneficial for chronic pain and tension.

Bowen therapy is a series of gently, cross-fiber massages that is used to manipulate the connective tissue and realign the body to promote a balanced energy flow. This therapy uses the thumbs and fingers applying only gently pressure. The therapy is usually followed by two-to-five minute rests, providing time for neuromuscular reeducation or response. Motion and fluidity is restored after Bowen therapy.

Resistive stretching is a method of taking the muscle to a point of gentle resistance then activating the muscle. The the muscle is taken to a new point of resistance. By contracting the muscle, it builds strength in the muscle. When the muscle is strengthened, it reduces the chances of further injury.

Medical massage is a treatment to resolve a condition that a doctor has diagnosed and has prescribed treatment. This type of therapy will only focus on areas of the body related to what the doctor has diagnosed and prescribed the treatment for.

If you are in need of muscle tension or pain relief, we are here to help!

So make an appointment today and find out how we can help you. We look forward to helping all our potential Des Moines Iowa clients with all their massage therapy needs.

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